Northern Indiana - lowrider 2 flat parts available

Building a Lowrider2 so I made a few of the flat parts and have extras. Would be willing to make more if anybody’s interested. The 611 sled is made out of 6ply .300" birch plywood. I found some .472" cabinet plywood I have been making the sides out of.

$85 includes shipping.

See the post…here.

If they are still available. I am interested.

I tried to reply to the craigslist link, but no joy (might be work blocking me)



Brian, I did respond to your Craigslist email. I still have them, but shipping may take an extra day or two because of Christmas.

Sent you a request on craigslist also - just starting my build.

I have 2 sets of flat parts ready to ship if anyone is interested.

I have my Lowrider2 up and running. Decided to make a few sets of flat parts. I have made a couple of upgrades…with the biggest one being they come with a removable dust skirt/boot. Some assembly required (as usual). I will send printed instructions. I am going to increase the price to $90…but that will still include shipping (to USA address only). If I end up shipping internationally I will need to charge extra for all the extra paperwork.

New CL posting:

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Just adding a picture and updating the Craigslist link.

Still have some of these ready to ship. $90 includes shipping to USA. Includes normal flat parts and pieces for the removable dust stuff (you supply glue or staples and a couple long screws).