Always double check description. I bought the mpcnc kit. And it said any 48" x and y combination. Not looking at the actual description. So I’m building a one with a cutting surface for 42". So I thought “I will even have some belt left over. So today I started belting it up and low and behold I’m something like 36” short. I was pissed. Then I relooked at the description and went “ohhhhh, as in x plus y equaling 48 inch not 48 squared so that’s why he sends 13ft”


I’m an idiot

That part of the description has undergone sooooooo many revisions, we have not had any issues in a while though. Sorry.

Not your fault. The kicker was I remeber that I still had some on the shelf from the last time I replaced the belts on my printer. And ths chunk was about 8 inches short. It’s been a roller coaster of yay gonna get it done today, angry frustrated, yay I know I have some more I just need to find it, booooo it’s too short.


I guess I will go and work on the arcade machine.i need to switch the buttons. The kids have already killed half of the cheap Chinese buttons

Upside, belt is cheap. So there’s that.

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