No-radio version of FluidNC firmware with CNCjs grbl sender

Just did this as well! Built and flashed the ESP32 with Will be using a Raspberry Pi zero 2w with CNCjs as the GCode sender, the slow response on the esp32 webUI, and it failing to upload large NC files was getting tiresome.

Prior to the firmware upgrade, and after as well. The ESP32 CPU temperature climbs at least to 80C. Anyone else seeing their ESP32 really hot?

The new version of Fluidnc (3.7.18) should handle up to 6mb files well. My ESP is on the hot side but 80C sounds very high.

My reported CPU Temperature shows getting close to 60C and we’re in a heat wave right now.

Guess i am not even sure where to look

At least on WebUI v3, if you click the FluidNC logo in the upper left, it takes you to an “About FluidNC” page:


Which shows a bunch of info:

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In the v3 UI, you click the logo in the top left.

I think v2 has the same, but it’s been too long since I opened it

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also in the serial terminal/telnet the System/Stats command will print that info

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I’m suspecting I burnt something out on it, but it continues to work which is a odd failure for an MCU. Might just order a backup now though

It’s always good to have a backup. Before you tear it apart, can you make some voltage measurments and maybe temp measurments?

I’m curious about the voltages before and after the ESP32 voltage regulator, and the temps of the other components on the ESP32 dev board.

If you happen to have an IR camera, an IR picture would be interesting to see.
80C is very warm for the ESP32 chip and is a curious resulty.

ESP32 Seems to be getting 3.3V and the regulator seems OK. Something in the ESP32 itself must be broken… Stock no-radio firmware freshly flashed

Ive got one running hot too

A different jackpot 5~ feet away…

Both running V1 ESP32 boards