No media on marlin mode

Can’t read sd card under marlin mode? (Fat32, 32gb) but can read from touch mode? Any thought?

The newer skr pro firmware uses the microsd slot on the skr in Marlin Mode. It does that to support the wifi module, which doesn’t have access to a screen.

I’m using the SD slot on the TFT

I think how it works is that you can access both SD slots from touch mode (TFT), but only the one controller slot from Marlin mode.

I might be wrong

thx a lot, I guess I have to find a another skr board case that has a microSD slot access,

Can’t you just use touch mode?

Having an issue with “pause” function in touch screen mode, if I hit pause on tft, one side of z lost power and resulting a crash, someone suggested to try pause in Marlin mode, that’s why I need to access Marlin mode and load my file there. Otherwise, touch screen mode is fine just not ideal;)

Bummer. You could change the firmware to use the screen sd card. Or find an older version of the skr pro firmware from MarlinBuilder releases that didn’t support wifi. But getting a new case sounds easier to me.

I put the wifi ESP01S in my TFT35. I remixed Ryan’s case for jt to accommodate it, sincenit sticks out to the side.

I think that was on the 515 version of the V1 firmware for the SKR. The ESP could read the TFT USB port and SD card both. I am not using the SKR board for the LowRider anymore, but I still use it for the MP3DPv3, with the ESP01S in the TFT.