No glyph to go to new reply on the site

Where is blue arrow?

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I’m not too sure what you are asking about. On a mobile the new replies and topics are listed at the bottom?

A topic which marked with green had small picture with blue arrow after the name. So you can click it and go to first unread reply. Now it disappeared. Something wrong with the forum

It has had two major updates in the last few days. I will see if I can find that as an option.

Okay it looks to be still enabled as an option along with a few other things. Perhaps the time stamp has been reset from the update. Do extremely new replies work?

Got it!

Now it’s ok.

But there is another issue. When you insert a video via button on the tool panel - it doesn’t show properly then. Showed as html code.

When you insert link to the video just in the text - all ok

That has always been that way I believe, I have embeds on by default but can’t just turn off the button. Simple paste should work for must video types, no need for embeds.