Nextion controller on hackaday

@stevolution’s Nextion Controller is on Hackaday. Yay!

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That’s neat!

Steve, that is awesome. Congratulations on a cool hackaday article! Screen shot it and frame it!

(Sorry that the first few comments are dealing with my dumb drama, I hope people can focus on your accomplishments instead.)


Thanks for this Guys! As soon as I get back from working away, I will tidy up the code and get that uploaded to my website.

I think maybe I had better get my spam filter ready on my email…


Cool article for a really cool project!

I did sit on my hands for a few minutes (hours) after reading some of those comments. No need to dredge up old drama. :llama:


Same actually. But that doesn’t do anyone any good. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Ryan and his project, and the community here from personal experience. Some people just need to log off and go outside some times. smh.

@stevolution AMAZING project! That looks cool AF and I can think of a million reasons why that would be a great addition to any machine.


That is so great! Congratulations.

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