Next project - BBQ scrapers for wedding party

So far, just got my machine reconfigured from “giraffe mode” (aka 9” legs), and did a trial burn on one of the samples I was given. Could be a bit darker, but I think I found my edges and sizing.

Hopefully they burn more consistently than the last project. On the plus side, sanding out any issues won’t be as much of an issue as the barn wood project.


Could you give it some notches to follow the grill grates?

I’m just engraving them; they were built by someone else. But I think the theory is that as you use it, you’ll build your own grooves/notches, which would be sized for your grill then.

Not saying I won’t make my own, but there you go… :slight_smile:

End result on the scrapers. Client was happy, bride was happy, everyone’s happy! Don’t ask my why they’re two different sizes, and no need to comment on the off-center holes… I didn’t make them, I just burned them!

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Very nice glad that they are happy makes a nice day for you