Newbie question

Hi there!

I’m completely new to all of this CNC stuff, but I would like to make my own MPCNC.

I’ve started printing the parts yesterday so I will have enough time to read the complete forum ?

I’m thinking about buying the complete bundle set, but which set should I buy?

Is the mini Rambo set okay?


kind regards,




Hi Roy. What board you buy depends on your expectations and projects. The full Rambo has the option to be more accurate but with that accuracy comes more computer and CAM time. If you plan on making signs and carvings you will never need that kind of accuracy. The mini and a little extra time with a tape measure before you start your job will get you really great results as well.

I guess a better way to say that is if the extra cost is not a deal breaker, you should future proof yourself, just in case.

Definitely get the RAMBO board.