New Z Parts

While prepping for some usage today I noticed my Z was really loose. I discovered that the part cracked so the bearing was loose. There was one strand of PLA holding it from falling off completely. I am trying some epoxy to repair it, but this might be an opportune time to upgrade to the newer parts (I am running the older style MPCNC ).

Originally I purchased all of the parts from here, but I now have a 3D printer so figured I could print the new parts.

My question is, what are the parts I need for a new middle assembly? I have the 5/16 “lead screw”, and 3/4 EMT conduit rail. I get a little confused with all of the parts and want to make sure I print the correct ones.

Also, I just recent finished printing a bunch of tool mounts based on the Hicwic quick change mounting system. Is there a version of this that works with the new middle assembly?


You need all the center and z axis parts to upgrade. If you get the chance the new rollers are a big upgrade as well. Keep that printer busy! On the C versions you can keep the same corners and feet. The other two versions I screwed up and it is best to change the corners as well (they are off by a little more than a mm…not huge but still).


There is a hickwic for the new one, I am not sure if the mounts are interchangeable between them. I doubt you will use it though, the newer mount is way easy to swap and it is more rigid that way.

Thanks, I did notice that the rollers look much nicer. I have a few of these that cracked and have been repaired as well.

Are these all of the middle parts with only the nut lock that is appropriate for my z-nut?

Also, what infill do you suggest for the parts?

I am almost tempted to re-print everything for the stainless tubing. I have access to some stainless conduit “drop” that I could use.


You have to measure your znut to know, I have shipped both. The infill is listed on the parts page.

You also need the XYZ parts.

Had another bearing break off my old middle assembly so I am making the jump to the new middle assembly parts. Question I have is regarding the XYZ part. I have the 5/16 threaded rod but the XYZ part has the T8 in description. Will this still work with the 5/16 threaded rod?