New York Maker Faire

Has any one been to the Bay Area one and the New York one?

Any Idea on how it compares, anyone bringing a MPCNC, should I make the trip or no?

speaking from experience from building custom cars, you should go to every event that you can afford to go to.


I assume that you’ve been to the Bay Area Maker Faire? I plan to go to the one next year it just bringing a family of 4 to San Francisco from the middle of the countries is bit expensive.

Yeah I have been to a handful of mini-maker faires, and the big one twice. The is just kind of too big, so many people. It is hard to get in and ask any questions, but the mini’s rarely have anyone of interest and are more like kids “maker” projects, at least around here. Other places seem to have better mini’s. The big ones though are really impressive, so much stuff to look at. I’ll look into flights and a room again maybe I will get lucky and it will be cheap.

Going? Looks like they added parking for the first time in years, so I maybe able to make it for one of the days.

I don’t think so this months sales are too low…Bummer