NEW v1.1 REMIX - LowRider 3 CNC - table extenders to use metal struts with LR3 table - provides 10mm worth of adjustability

NEW REMIX provides 10mm worth of adjustability to get your belt orientation perfect.


NOTE: In September, 2023, a fellow V1E maker ( @steved on the V1E forum ) needed a little bit of adjustability on the location of the right-side belt-tensioner+endstop mounts in his metal-strut-based LowRider, so I made this v1.1 remix of the original design, which provides 10mm worth of adjustability. If your LR3 X gantry is a bit too long (not more than 10mm too long), you can use this new v1.1 version. The only changed parts are the two right-side mounts (“LR3 Tensioner Extender Front RIGHT” and “LR3 Tensioner Extender Rear RIGHT”).