New to CNC purchase

I have nothing and know nothing about this stuff yet but im looking to dive right in. Is this EVERYTHING i need for a 4x8 full sheet build ? Or any options that may make my journey better ??
[ [LowRider v3 Hardware kit]

$727.98 USD

Add a control board?:
SKR Pro and Touch Screen

Add a 1/8%22 collet for your router?:
Makita 1/8" Collet

Add a set of LR3 3D Printed Parts & metal XZ plates?:

What size rail are you using?:
23.4mm OD (Most common in the U.S. 3/4" EMT Conduit)

Which LR3 Tool Mount:
Makita 700 Series

Add a 3D printed control board and screen box:
SKR Pro and TFT E3 V3

Add Precut YZ plates?:


Looks good.

I would add some “sharp stuff” for end mills, and of course you need to purchase your Makita 700 series router and the 3/4" conduit, plus build.a table large enough to accommodate the machine.

If you have a 3D printer, you can do your own electronics box. It’s a little less critical for doing yourself.

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You’ll probably also want some form of dust collection strategy. You do need strut material as well.

That will get you through unless you hang out on the forums and get too many ideas for modifications. This community is really awesome.

Yes, I can relate to that…