New SKR Pro V1.2 and TFT35 E3 V3.0 Controller Box

Cleaned up all my wiring with this new controller box for the SKR Pro V1.2 and the TFT35 screen.

It uses DB25 for the motor cables (20 of 25 pins) and a DB15 (10 of 15 pins) for the endstops and touch plate.

Will be posting the 3 components (box, lid and tilted screen/fan holder to thingiverse in the next several weeks. Final assembly showed a couple of things that I would like cleaned up before other people try to print.


Nice! Love that custom connector work!

V2 of this case is now available here on Thingiverse.


  • Little alignment issues have been resolved.
  • Slot for TFT SD card added
  • Patterning added to outside which improved the look and reduced the weight

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Very nice work! I might end up switching to something like this if I build an enclosure, so I can have everything mounted on the outside.

Great design on the case. I am printing one now. Are you just running your fans directly to the 12v power, or are you controlling them via the control board?

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I’m running them straight from the 12v supply. I thought about using the fan headers but have not researched if the firmware or board has any concept of heat sensors. If you know I’m all ears.

Fans are really quite anyways and once the router is on it is time for hearing protection.

Thanks for the thumbs up on the design.

Are both of your fans blowing in, or are they reversed to blow in and out? I was thinking about the second option, but maybe you have already tried this and have an opinion.

I have them blowing in as the grill is smaller then the other holes. It therefore works as a bit of a filter. Reversing it I’m afraid would suck too much stuff into the case.

Just my opinion though, mileage will vary. Love to hear other ideas.

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Hello! Isn’t there such a case for a non-E3 screen