New short video: LR3 CNC "Grid Power" -

Must have somehow lost my Eeprom-stored offsets to keep my LR3 square. Perhaps that info does not survive a firmware update?

Anyhow, when I re-measured and re-entered the G-Code commands to set and store my offset, I also then used the pen attachment to draw a nice grid on my spoil board to help with alignment and placement. I used 1-inch spacing.


Wow, great video. I like the squaring. That is great!

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I may have just figured out why my initial offset in Eeprom was not happening after homing (before I redid my offset in the video). I may have initially set that offset in my firmware before swapping my X and Y axes. If so, the offset was set to affect Y axis, which is now X. So even if the original offset survived firmware updates, it would have been happening on the wrong axis!