New Primo Build - Newmarket, Canada!

Hey Everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. I’m about to order my steel so I can get started on printing a Primo. current plan is for a 30x30 work area and 6in Z height. will mostly be cutting wood.

plans are to build using an SKR 1.4 turbo and TMC2209s (have one in my ender 3 so I’m familiar with it)
cutting will be done with a makita RT0701c (unless someone wants to change my mind).

Here’s a pic of my ender3s latest addition Dual Z. my basement is going to be finished in the next couple of weeks hopefully so I’ll get the direct drive mounted and get things all sorted and get printing.

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Welp I’ve gone full send

Picking up the steel tomorrow
Ordered the majority of pieces last night from big tree tech or AliExpress

And the power supply and steppers showed up from amazon today.

Once I’ve got the steel and confirm it’s size I’ll get to printing.

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Picked up my steel earlier this week. Excuse the mess in the garage. Preparing for a trip to the dump.


Haha. Want a picture of my basement? -_-

I won’t even go there currently mudding the main area that’s full of stuff I haven’t sorted through yet

Hi Brad,

Where did you pick up your SS from?

It’s just P&O steel got it at metal supermarket couldn’t find a decent price for stainless

So been 2+ months since an update. I’ve got the basement finished, bought a house, sold this house.

just getting back in and got my desk set back up and printing.

I believe I have everything on hand except the printed parts and the router at this point. will be moving in about 2 months so I’m on the fence with full on assembly before the move. I’ve got the feet and corner tops printed now and will try to keep the printer running nonstop until I’ve got everything printed

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How much did it cost? Is P&O D.O.M steel?

it is DOM tubing, P&O is pickled and oiled I believe that is some sort of rust inhibitor.

I think I paid about $90 but they cut everything to length for me

So 1kg done. Ran out of dark green while printing the z coupler so I switched to yellow a little early. Core is currently printing. Taking it pretty slow. 35ish on the initial layers and walls and 65ish on the infill. Curs says 3 days and a bit for the core. I should probably turn it up a bit. I lost my cura profile I had been dialling in while printing masks so I figured I’d just go slow. Have some ghosting around the Js but the parts are coming out great other wise.

Ugh looking at the part a little closer there was a bit of a layer shift at about 2mm. Not sure the kids or I hit the printer this morning but something messed it up. Ah well. Reprint it in matte navy.


been a busy week and have hit the home stretch on the printing. Don’t have too much left to print the core clamps, lower belts and the tool plates.
Z couplers are about 1/2 done at the point and this eryone matte navy PLA is superb

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Decided to mock up a leg. The color combo looks pretty good. The trucks are green and yellow. The core is yellow and navy. Now to pack everything away to get ready to move. 🥲

Man I’ve been sitting on this for a while. Hopefully winter treats me a little better this year. I’ve been slowing working on my 3D modelling skills in tinkercad. Made a couple pieces to solve a couple problem. First was a wall mount for an old router so I can add wifi in the garage and provide network for a couple IOT lights outside. That I haven’t installed yet. Second was a little strap to mount my usb switch under my desk. I’ve been working on the electronics box for a little while now. Plan to have the power supply, board and a relay in there to trigger a 120v plug outside for the router and control that on and off with gcode. Probably from one of the fan headers.


Looks good
I started on tinker cad, you have to love the funny auto generated names lol.

It took another rev and a couple changes to make things works but it’s printed and together.

Have the cover to finish which has an e stop switch to be installed.

Overall super happy with the outcome. Wiring will be tight but I knew it would be. I’ll post a pic when I’ve get the AC wiring done.

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Got the AC wiring done. Works as expected. Top outlet will be for the router and the relay will control it. Bottom will always be on when it’s plugged in the wall so I can use it for whatever. Didn’t leave much room for the wiring. Also plugged the 12v into the board this morning and it turned on without any magical smoke. So if I have some time tomorrow I’ll see if I can get the firmware loaded and turn the outlet on and the motors turning.

I’m planning to build the table with this kit from strongtie I found at Home Depot. Just add 2x4 and plywood and build to your liking. So once I have the garage cleared out a bit I’ll start getting that built.

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