New MPCNC Primo Build

I am looking to buy the parts kits and build a 24x48 MPCNC Primo. While I am good mechanically and and I do have a background in electronics I am a little concerned about starting a new hobby with something I know nothing about. How good are the instructions that come with it for building the machine and getting started?

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I thought that the build instructions for the Primo were quite thorough and detailed, but if there’s anything that you don’t understand, there is plenty of help available on the forums.

For getting started, there can be quite the learning curve for the software. You’ll need to know how to use CAD at least, and you’ll need something to turn that drawing into code that your machine can cut out. Again, there’s plenty of help, but you’ll find that if there are 10 people giving you an answer, there might well be 12 ways to do it.

Personally, I’m using FreeCAD as much as I can. It has its limitations, and is far from perfect, but I’m learning to work with it a little more all the time. I use Estlcam to convert my drawings into code for the machine to cut. I paid for it, because although you can use it for free, it has nag messages that I wanted to get rid of, and it does a perfectly good job for me. Fusion360 should have everything that you need as well, and there are of course many other programs which work.


I’m still putting my MPCNC together but I have similar feelings to you.

I started printing all the parts, and getting all the hardware and such as time and funds allowed.

So my perspective is unless you have an immediate need, take your time. Don’t rush. Read all you can. Watch videos, and participate here. Folks here are very helpful.

Finally don’t be afraid to ask questions. And of course keep us updated on your build.

What videos? I have not found any.

There are a lot of videos on the MPCNC on YouTube. Some good, some awful, many ok

Old guy coding is a great channel

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I had no clue of either mechanics or electronics, and I think mine turned out pretty well. :smiley: If the Norwegian and I can do it, so can you. :stuck_out_tongue: