New MPCNC Primo build never used-moving to a small apartment

New Primo MPCNC-built over a year ago but only used to do the crown-all parts bought from V1. I can pack up for shipping or if you are in the south Florida area you can take unit complete.

Invested over $800.00 will let it go for $550.00 plus cost of shipping. Have lots of pics i can email.

Components listed below.:
1- new makita router
2- all stainless steel tubing- tubing alone was over 300.00 dollars
3-rambo board in enclosure with screen
4-rasberi pi 4 model b for use with octo print
5-assorted bits


Hello. Send pictures to the following email:

Hi Atlas, thanks for the interest. I sent you the photos via email. One think i forgot to mention was the size. Its 57 x 27 inches. I made it so i could fit a 48 inch piece of plywood.

How do I contact you if I am interested?