New LR3 from France

Hello everyone,

My name is Yves and I’m from France. It’s been a while since I wanted to start building a CNC, my choice fell on the lowrider V3 with a machinable surface of 160cm x 80cm.
For the moment, I’m having no trouble assembling it, the documentation is well done, but I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for your help.

I’ve seen a lot of upgrades on github and Printables, what do you think are the most useful?


A better dust shoe. @DougJoseph has got a good (though a little bit more complicated one), I have one that basically just adds TPU bristles.
Besides that I did not mod anything on my LowRider and have been using it as is, it’s a pretty capable machine. :slight_smile:

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Tiens un compatriote :smiley:

Concerning mods, it’s a bit too late for Doug’s braces with trapped nuts, but you can print Peter’s trapped nut add-on
Those make life a lot easier when it comes to installing the strut plates

For tidyness, I’d also print peter’s cable trays, and I’m personally a big fan of encapsulating the AC adaptor inside the gantry, so maybe print this or make something similar (my psu is just zip-tied to the strut plate and it works jsut fine…)
Cable chains for X axis also helps a lot for a clean looking build, but I’m yet to find one that really works for me…

And lastly, I did a simple mod on mine - maybe not too consensual - by using 1mm pitch leadscrews
using these, the gantry will never ever fall down on it’s own weight
The Z axis works twice as much (speed-wise, torque-wise there’s a lot less load) and it can be a problem with 3D carving, but other than that, I never had any problem with this choice


Welcome to the forum! You’re off to a great start!! That size of machine will be great.

Here’s a link to all my printable remixes and/or designs for the LowRider:

My advice is to build it stock first and learn the basics. Then you will have first hand knowledge of which modifications you would prefer to tackle first.



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Agree 100%.


I think there needs to be a cnc and lr map so we can put pins on it by zip code where all the builds are!!! Would love to see it!


we tried a couple times, not as easy as it sounds.

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Funnily enough I suggested that three years ago and was told the same thing. :smiley:


the crown is done, I’m waiting to receive the end mills.

I’d like to take this opportunity to ask a few questions about fluidNC:

-Is it possible to add a button that could be used as an emergency stop?

-I’d like to create a macro so that once I’ve finished the machine faces home and then moves to a parking position.

For the Z axis, is the parking position better at the top or at the bottom?

Thanks in advance.

I’d also like to thank Doug Joseph (design8studio) for these very explanatory videos.


Yes. The most simple version of this is the switch on a power strip.

You can add whatever you want to your ending g code in your cam program


Hello Yves,
I’m french too.
I would like to build an LR3. Which router have you chosen, Have you printed all the parts by yourself?


Hello Nicolas,

I chose a MAKITA clone
I printed everything myself
On the other hand, I bought the lowrider V3 pack via the site, and I bought the aluminium plates and the flat YZs, as well as the jacpot cnc controller.
It cost me 100€ for shipping and 110€ for customs clearance.


i cut my strut for my lowrider V3 the cut had to be 1000mm long and i got 998mm on the 3.

The width measurement is correct.

Is there an adjustment to be made to correct the problem or is it within tolerances?

Do I have to redo the squarring once the struts are installed?

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It is probably fine. As long as you squared your machine before you cut the strut plate, you probably just needed a better finishing pass. Can you correct it, absolutely, should you…as long as all three are exactly the same you are fine.

Yes, square and level. It should not move, but checking is always a good idea if you care about your tolerances. Some people don’t care, depends on the projects.


My first project is finished, thanks to those who helped me.
now I just have to learn how fusion 360 works.


Hey, don’t forget to copy from here and paste this over in the V1E GO Maker Faire Submissions thread!