New LowRider2 build has begun in Georgia!

Hi folks,
I’ve been lurking here since at least early 2020, but this may be my first post. Looking forward to the exchange with many of you over the coming months.

I finally got my 3D printer two weeks ago, on Superbowl Sunday. Completely missed the game. It’s a Biqu (BigTreeTech) B1 SE Plus from MicroCenter. Very happy with it so far.

I’ve already printed a few parts for my LowRider2 and things are starting to move along. No questions for you guys yet, but fear not; they’ll come. As for me, I’m an engineer by education & profession, lots of firmware and embedded software experience, lots of woodworking and other complicated projects on the side.

Okay - one question. Is there anywhere I can find out if there are other MPCNC owner/builders in my area (metro Atlanta, GA USA)?



I don’t think there is any good way to find locals, other than just be lucky to find them posting about it in the forums.


If anyone hits this thread, I’ve decided to abandon my LR2 and build the LR3 - see here