New Low Rider in Southern Ontario

First parts in hand! LRV2 parts from California at the post office ready to pick up on Tuesday!

Size will be 24 x 36 working area!

Then off to the HD for some lumber, and to find the SS tube! This seems to be the toughest accusation! Too many types of SS, does it have to be seamless, lots of $$ for the seamless. Anyone have a good source for these tubes in southern Ontario /GTA?

Decided to go straight to Aluminum for the Y carriage and the 611 plate!


Whatabouts are you? I got mine from Golden Triangle
I used 304 stainless steel 0.065" and it cost $141 for my 4x8’ table, or about $22.00/m.

Metal Supermarkets is everywhere, but more expensive.

Otherwise, you local mom and pop welding shop can help you out.

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I don’t think the seam matters much. Just rotate the tubes so that the seam isn’t touching the bearings.


In Oakville, I’ll give Golden Triangle a try, don’t mind driving to Cambridge.


That’s what I was thinking,

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I got mine from JT Outdoors in Barrie, can be shipped or picked up.
60" length is $36

Thanks… Going to head over tomorrow to get mine. I didn’t want to start printing parts till I had the tubing in hand.

Thanks for the lead on the tubes. Picked them up yesterday and they look really nice! :grinning:

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Parts are here, now to start printing and building the table.

Good luck. Fun to see another Canuck on the LR2 projects.


You’re welcome, if I may ask where did you get your aluminum Y and 611 plates?

I had a good friend who is in the business make them for me. I believe he had one of his suppliers do them.

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I guess it’s going to be a while for all the parts to print. :joy::sweat_smile:

Ha ha yeah. I printed my parts on and off for what felt like weeks. Stay strong and I wish you success on the prints with few birdnest experiences. I remember the feeling of going to my printer in the morning after a 8hr print to find about 3 hrs of printing and about 5hrs of mess.

Printing is well under way now. :+1:

You have a choice between and occasionally has it in stock. Drive to either or as shipping in Ontario is prohibitively expensive to ship steel tubing.

Thanks, I picked up from JT Out Doors in Barrie, good price. cuts could have been straighter but I can clean that up! Nice polished finish though not seamless tube.

Sorry for the late post here but McKinnon Metals at the top of Highway427 sells 1" OD .065 wall SS pipe for $75.50 per 20’ length. They will cut it to length for you as well. I buy most if not all my metals there.

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Wow… that a great price! I’ll keep them in mind for when the lower rider has a growth spurt! :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

I go up there for steel because its worth the savings. They have offcuts too that they sell, steel is $1 per pound as an example and they also discount for cash.

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