New interesting Nano board

I just found a video that describes a Nano board that I think would be very suitable for Estlcam users.
It looks very well designed and the price is rather cheap at 2200 rupee which is about $40 AUD
The video URL is
Check it out.

I’m guessing the pinouts will not be compatible. It’s really too bad Rocketronics doesn’t have more reasonable shpping rates.

Yes Dave, I also noticed that the shipping was over the top.
As for the pinouts, what happens when a system is used for say GRBL and Estlcam is used for that board? I have always made my own systems so I naturally designed it with Estlcam native pin outs in mind, but existing boards that are not designed for Estlcam specifically seem to be used if I understand correctly.

Easlcam users just built different lol