New food bowl caddy for the girls

When it’s time for my girls (three black labradors) to eat, the scene seems more swine than canine… They eat like they thought someone was going to take it from them before they finish.

Occasionally one of them gets food stuck in her throat from eating too quickly (not very lady like) and my wife nearly panics.

So my wife bought new bowls to replace the old metal ones to slow the girls down…

Since the new bowls won’t fit in the old wire frames I decided to make something to hold them…


That is such a great idea. I have seen some crazy dogs and how good they get at eating all the food.

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I think the girls like it…



My wife recently bought an elevated food/water bowl. The problem is she bought an itty bitty one for our 100lb Pyrenees.

So I ordered two new bowls. This morning while I was in the shop, I started going through my lumber to see what they might fit on. She wants me to weld up a stand to raise them up instead of wooden legs.

This is what she bought.

This is what I’m currently looking at using.

It’s hard to tell size in those pictures. The bowls she bought are 2 cups. The bowls I bought are 8 cup.


The slow feeder bowls are 3 cup

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I have a golden retriever pup 10 months no who set new records for spead eating. The slow feed bowel ateast gives me time to feed my 12 year old docy 2 feet away :smiley:

We food trained our dogs.

We’d feed them with us sitting there. Then we’d take their food away if they started eating too fast and make them sit. After a while, they learn to eat slow.

We have two dogs. They both eat pretty slowly.

They also won’t snatch food out of your hand if you’re giving them a treat. They gently take it from you.

Unfortunately, our leash training isn’t as good as our food training.


My daughter and son-in-law have both cats and dogs, and they had me design and print some stands for the feeding bowls to get them some height. The pets seem to prefer it. :slight_smile:

Training old rescue dogs is not as easy. They are pretty set in their ways…

I’ve seen teenagers who could use bowls like that…

OK, I was a teenager who could’ve used a bowl like that…


This is so sweet. What a great idea!

I would have taken this in a more diabolical direction – like a banal office partition aesthetic complete with Bloomberg terminals.

But this design is def wiser in the long run. You really don’t want your dogs to learn about short selling.