New Burly build, it's 2019 all over again

I was introduced to the MPCNC back in 2019. I bought Steppers, bearings, drive screw, printed all the parts…and that was it.

Flash forward to now. I decide IT’S GO TIME!

Why now? I got a new BambuLab printer last year and quickly realized that my old Rostock MAX V2 was hopelessly obsolete. It’s been sitting sad in a corner for months.

A few weeks back the figurative lightbulb goes off - I can scavenge the Rostock and build the MPCNC - completely forgetting that I already bought the steppers…but…checks the docs…yep! I can use the Rambo 1.3 board.

I dig out the parts I printed years ago and I realize I have no idea which version I printed. Break out the trusty calipers and it seems I printed the 25mm version. Hmm. Why did I do that?
I also see there is a new version called Primo, so now I have some decisions to make.

…and I chose to stick with the Burly. I printed new 23.4 parts and put it all together. In the process I realize I need 5 steppers, the Rostock had 4. Ok, no problem I had extra steppers. I had everything mounted, and yeah, I remember I had a 5 pack of steppers that I bought for the project. Ok, no biggie.

I also decide to go with Dual Stops.

I have everything wired up, RAMBo is flashed.

And the LCD screen (20X4 LCD 3D Printer Controller – SeeMeCNC) lights up but is showing nothing. Ok, not going to let that stop me.

I set up Repetier-Host. Successful connection…nothing moves. Really?


Ok, I see that MatterControl can be used. I connect to that, I get + and - movement on all axis’. I didn’t wire it wrong afterall. :sunglasses:

I set up OctoPrint on a LePotato, and got THAT working.

Next up - the Crown.


Resurrected builds can be fun to watch.

Post pictures as you go, and note that you may have really old firmware on that Rambo board, so at some point you may want to consider updating.

Firmware is V1CNC_Rambo_Dual-2.1.1 which seemed like the most current on github.

Box of old parts (anybody need?)

Build progress

LePotato running OctoPi (or Octoprint-whatever :face_with_peeking_eye:)

I like that all I had to do was hit the Home button…and it did!

I mentioned the LCD not working, here’s what it looks like. As I understand it, there needs to be something uncommented in a Config file somewhere.

Looking through the forum, it was recommended to just update the screen, especially since it was inexpensive. So I did.

And here’s it drawing the Crown!
MPCNC - Drawing the Crown

Now what? :thinking:


I used one of those 2004 controllers.

2 changes need to happen to make it work.

  1. Comment out the custom boot screen ( the 2004 can’t do it) in Configuration.h

  2. Change the LCD controller to “smart discount controller”

Then it works, but the 12864 controller is better in a few ways, and I had random stability issues with the 2004 controller.