New build with odd copmonents.

Hi everyone.

I have been lurking on this forum a while but registered today because some things has clicked into place and a mpcnc build has climbed the priority ladder.

I have some components that I originally wanted to use for a 3d printer, but the stars aligned and now I have a prusa kit on the way and the need for these components have changed.

So… I want to make a mpcnc.

But my parts are a little bit off and I want to ask you guys if my plans are possible and/or advicable…

Now the thing is that I have some components lying around the house. Some gifted to me and some bought to play with or for other projects.

I have 5 1.8Nm nema23 motors, 5 TB6600 drivers and a arduino nano with grbl on it.

While playing around I have these hooked up to a 24V 7,5A powersupply and I can get the motors to turn and spin and run some gcode.

So far so good.

I also have some tubing in my shed.

These are leftovers after a industrial class “party tent” and the dimensions does not align with any of the alternatives available on this site or on thingiverse. The pipes themselves are made from galvanized steel and seem both true and sturdy. I would like to be able to use this if possible. the outer diameter is approximately 30mm but dont have the exact measurement.

I tried to download the STLs and alter them in Fusion360 but Im a novice at F360 and the experience of manipulating the components made from triangles made want to throw my computer out the window.

So thats a no go.

Are the CAD files for the mpcnc 3d-printed components available somewhere? If so I would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction. Manipulating the true 3d files are better than trying to cobble the STL’s after the fact.

If not I guess I have to bite the bullet and try to get hold of some compliant tubing…


All that aside.

Is a mpcnc with nema23, TB6600 and arduino nano with grbl something that is tried and encouraged as a build platform?

Are there issues other than the tubing dimensions that I need to consider?





This is a no go. I have a 25mm and a 25.4mm so 30 will not even come close to working. 23.5mm conduit is about $8.


No, and it is not an easy edit either.


A nano will run grbl and have enough pinouts? I mean if you have the parts go for it but nothing to be gained by using such large parts, might even be a disadvantage with all the extra weight, you will also lose build area from the size of the steppers.

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Hi again.


Thank you very much for your reply, I am really sorry that I didnt reply earlier.

I will make a build with 25mm pipes with 1,5mm wall thickness to see if it is rigid enough with the equipment I already have.