New Build, SKR 1.2 Pro Blank Screen?

Hello Everyone,

First build, was wiring everything up for a first go at it. I updated the SKR 1.2 Pro to the latest firmware following the instructions. Then I moved onto the TFT. When I first plugged it in then powered it up. The screen was completely blank (Grey as pictured). Figured it just needed to be flashed.

I powered it all down. Put in the memory card with the latest files on it. Powered back up, and i got a very faint / washed V1 Logo once that said ‘CARD DETECTED’ or something at the the top in red letters. Perfect, figured it was doing something. It went back to grey in a second or two… Thats where i’m sort of stuck. It beeps if you press the screen or button, but nothing changes or comes up.

I pulled the SD card back out, and looked at the files. They now have CUR beside them. (pictured) So i think it updated? I can’t get it show anything, with or without the sd cards. I pulled the card out of the SKR board, and its file also has CUR on it.

Little stumped… any ideas?


Have you tried switching modes (hold down the knob button for 3 seconds) to switch between touch screen and Marlin modes?

When I try holding down the button it beeps at me about once per second. I probably held it down for about 10 beeps and nothing seemed to change. I’ll try holding it for 3 beeps specifically and see what that does tomorrow. Ty for the reply.

“When you unzip the file you have a .bin file. Rename to FIRMWARE.bin, and save it to the MicroSD for the SKR Pro board. Make sure to unplug both grey exp½ cables for the screen before proceeding. Insert the MicroSD back into the control board, reset, and the board will flash a few green LED’s for a second or two. The board now has new firmware (seriously that easy).”

SKR file

Try unplugging the gray cables first. Leave the black.

We’re talking about flashing the screen, not the skr pro.

Tried that from reading another post, didn’t seem to help. But I think it already flashed and renamed the files CUR. Maybe I will try putting some fresh firmware files on the screen and letting it work again without the grey cables.

Will report back, Ty

Don’t plug the gray cables back in. And then try changing modes by holding down the knob. I suspect they are wired wrong.

I have only the black cable plugged in now. Tried a couple variations of with SD card, and without. Full reset and just resetting the screen with the button.

I recorded it uploaded it to google photos here:

Without the cables plugged in, i don’t get any beeps when pressing the knob down. Tried 3 second, 5 second and 10 seconds. Doesn’t seem to respond.

It almost seems like its cranking the brightness contrast up all the way or something. If you leave it for about a minute, it does dim the LED back-lighting.

Haven’t tried re-doing the firmware again yet. Might give that a go.

So I went to the BTT github and got the original fimware, and tried loading that on without he config or theme. It seemed to load on fine, i get the same 3 seconds of washed out display, then fade to grey.

I tried re-loading the V1 Firmware with all three files, it says its about 4% finished before the screen fades to grey. I left it for about 10 minutes to make sure it finished flashing.

Back to where I started. Wondering if something is wrong with the display? I didn’t edit anything in the config.ini. I’ll look through that see if there is like a contrast i can change or something?

I powered on the board, and connected to it via pronterface. All the steppers moved in their correct directions corresponding with the Extruders = 0 Dual endstop firmware. So pretty sure the SKR 1.2 PRO Mainboard is working anyways. I suppose I could go buy another r-pi and attempt to run headless/laptop… Was sort of planning on setting this up in the garage and running SD’s back and forth, I have no wifi out there… Would be annoying to try and set that up. :frowning:

I have a buddy who bought the same kit, i could try swapping screens with him, but hes an hour away… not happening any time soon.

That is the first time I have seen that. I also think it looks like some kind of contrast setting. I remember there was some way to hard reset it, so settings like that would get cleared. Otherwise, I think it may be a dud.

The v1pi image has a hotspot version, so you could use cncjs or octoprint without internet, but that wouldn’t help you get the gcode to the shed.

The marlin mode is:

  • hold for 10s
  • it shows marlin mode and btt mode (but you can’t see it)
  • scroll one to the left with the knob
  • click for marlin mode.

Oh, thank you for the blind clicking steps, that is a very good idea. I’ll give that shot. I assume i’lll need the grey cables connected to try that.

Ty for the help Jeff, owe ya beer sometime. :slight_smile:

Try adding a blank reset file.

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Attempting switching modes, as soon as the grey cables are connected, i get beeping when I hold down the button.

Tried going one to the left, didn’t seem to switch anything, beeped once again.

Added the SD card with the reset file. It did ask for calibration at the start, but if i did or do not press anything, it fades to grey regardless.

Anybody know if there is a contrast or brightness button somewhere that is maybe shorted? Seems like its cranking it up overtime or something.

Just for giggle can I see your wiring?

Back side of the screen and the single wire on the control board.

You bet! I have a dupont crimper thinger. I could try making all new wires, see if one is bunk?

I pulled the single one away from the rest of the ribbon so its easier to see.

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I have the same problem - new build first boot - blank screen. Did anyone ever find a solution?

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