New Build on Long Island

I think this is the most fun I’ve had with my 3D printer so far. Excellent project to get involved with and a big thank you for making it available. I have a PowerSpec 3D printer from Microcenter (it’s a re-branded FlashForge creator Pro) that I printed the parts on.

My MPCNC is 30"x30". All parts were printed in ABS. Just waiting on some ribbon cable to wire things up at this point. I’m going to use it for cutting and I have a 3W laser coming in from china. Also have an MK8 print head but may use that for it’s own build in the future.

I’ll be using a RAMPS 1.4 w/Marlin to start with but I also have a CNC shield that I may use with Estlcam as I learn my way through everything.


Nice color choice, it will look good with a Dewalt router :slight_smile: