New build in uk

My mpcnc as a 3d printer sitting proudly at its final resting place right next to the controlling pc.

Looking at mounting the electronics underneath the desk.

Wondering what other peoples ideas are about doing this?

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I had mine mounted under the table. I was using it as a mill, but it worked great. A lot less dust, and I mounted a big fan and just pointed it right at the exposed electronics.

So I’m not the only one adding cable mounts to the X/Y steppers, and that colour scheme, what a big kid’s toy! lol

Functionality over presentation any day ! Lol

So how dod you mount everything under the desk? Im thinking of using some kind of standoff for the electronics. Brackets for the electronics cooling fan. Just not sure how to mount the power supply as yet?

Could you possibly post a couple of photographs?

I took apart my MPCNC to make room for my lowrider, and I didn’t take a pic. It wasn’t anything special, my table has a 2x6 running the length, I just screwed some plywood to the bottom of it and I drilled two holes the width of the electronics. Then I wrapped some waxed string through the holes to hold the electronics in place. The fan was also tied down with wax string.

Well it’s “alive” have done basic movement tests using the lcd screen.
Now a little later I’m going to do the same basic tests it when hooked up to my computer. Then I need to mount the extruder and somehow tidy up the wiring etc.

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InShot_20170716_111919849-1.mp4 (3 MB)

Good place to start, if you get all the way through a drawing you will be pretty well through all the basics of the toolchain.