New Build In Kentucky

I am loving this build and can’t wait for my LR3 to be up and running.

I’m not sure if I should mention this, but I did notice a slight discrepancy within the TFT 35 V3 E3 wiring section. The image “lcd-touch labels-scaled–1.jpg” which shows the flat ribbon with the single wire is not marked the same as the one I received from V1.

My 5V wire is actually marked with the small hash and not the long hash as shown in the jpg…. but all of the wires do go to the correct locations.

Just thought that could throw someone a curve ball, sorry to be so anal😬

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Those wires are kind of randomly marked.

What is important is the correct port on the TFT35E3 and noting the wire that goes to the +5V line and making sure the same wire goes to the +5V line on the SKR Pro board. This is usually further emphasised by the one separated out wire going to the reset pin.

Please do not expect the same wire markings as these are essentially random.

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Like I noted in my original post “all of the wires do go to the correct locations” sorry to of mentioned it.


Sorry, I see it’s correct, just noting that the markings on the wires aren’t the important part of the instructions. I have 2 of these and they are both different from each other, as well as yours and the instruction pictures, but both have the same split reset wire and JST-XH connector for the TFT end.

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In spite of the holidays, I was able to find enough time to get my Lowrider 3 working!

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