New build in Hampton, UK

Hi All,

Just finished my 1100 x 760mm build. I did this super cheap as I had all the electronics, nuts bolts, etc from 2014 when I was making 3D printers. I still have an original Mendel! The build was easy enough and I kept it low as possible 77mm, but went big every other way. 25.4 x 3mm walled tubes that have been tapped for lots of supports. There is no movement in any direction with the 8mm threaded rods holding in all directions. The design is top class for the possibilities it gives, many thanks Ryan! My first pen crown came out perfect as did the engraving. I went dual end stops but have not needed to make any adjustments to firmware as it started life perfectly square. I only have one issue with a inside top right bearing not engaged on the z tubes, no matter what I do it will not touch. My printer is 100% so not sure why this is? I have been playing a lot in the last week, had a tiny fire from not understanding feeds and speeds to well, but all sorted now, I can cut a 100mm x 100mm x 15mm pocket in 18mm ply in 4 mins now, lovey chips and no fire:)

Running Ramps with a hacked pc power supply, stepping at 16 not 32 as my understanding is 32 is less torque and my old drivers only support 16 anyway.

Spent about £300 in total, this includes router, bits and Estlcam which is really nice and teaches you a lot as well.




Dude this looks good, might need to pay you for petrol when i build mind to help wiht the wiring :smiley:

Cheers mate, the wiring looks far more complex than it is, the biggest problem is making sure what wires match to the motors and endstops after they have gone through the drag chains. Make sure you twist blue and green wires around each other to stop em interference, you can do the same for red and black to make things easier. Also do the same for endstops and just test the red wires to know what leads to what.

That scares me, ill be labelling everything twenty fold to ensure these things.

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