New build in Czech republic

Hi All,

I wanted to complete my home tools with CNC router and I have done it. MPCNC with working area 70x60 cm is done. Conduits are mixed for main frame from usual steel and from stainless steel only moving part.

Most of printed parts are from PETG, rest (rails, foots ) from PLA, I was cleaning some filaments opened for long time. Printing without any issue. most time consuming operation was instalation of cables.

There was 2 issues during build, one on my side (swapped cables ext1 and 2 on LCD), second more tricky was endstops with aditional electronic, they was working correct on my multimeter, but Arduino Pull ups was not enough to correct operation.

I’m using dual end stop configuration, but different holders, than default V1 provides. I would like to avoid parallel instalation of end stops and stepper cables, so end stops are guided via main frame and steppers in chains.

I’m little bit limited in space, my garage should be used as parking at least during cold months, so I plan to hang whole MPCNC on wall for winter time., but this part of build was posponed for october.

I also need to complete wasteboard and some waste management.

First tests was successfull and I made present for my father to 80 , plastic of our summerhouse with laser engraved details (currently separate machine from MPCNC).

Thanks to all authors for cool machine and nice manual.


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prototyped present, final version is wooden.

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Nice build, and a great way to get it dirty!

Awesome little project, do we call it mixed media? Milling and burning, murning?