New build in central Illinois

I ordered my printed parts and a few other items today from the shop. I had most of the other parts required already. I am planning on trying with the ramps board I have on hand first but I may order a RAMB0 board at some point. I really was on the fence about whether to buy a 3d printer so I could make my parts first or buy the parts from Ryan so I could build my MPCNC first. I think I still need to buy a 3d printer so I can print a few custom options, so if anyone has a recommendation for a first 3d printer please feel free to let me know. I have been doing woodworking for several years now and have been wanting a CNC for a while and the MPCNC will hopefully allow me to make some things that I just have not been able to do before. I am sure that I will have questions during my build process and I will update this post with pictures as I go. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and I am looking forward to joining the community.

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Welcome to the club! Since you are building the MPCNC first, why not follow it up with the MP3DP? I haven’t built one yet personally but I believe people have been getting pretty good results out of them. I had the same contemplation as you did, but I chose to get the printer first and bought a Prusa MK2S. It’s a pretty awesome printer. Pricey but the thing just works and works well.

I agree with Johnny.

If you wanted a printer for a beginner, as in works great with very little tinkering, then the original prusa is the best. The mk2s is still better than any printer but the mk3.

If you want a printer for a beginner, as in something that works well, but you learn as you go and can upgrade it customize things as you go, the MP3DP is a good choice too. And since you will soon be able to cut the wood pieces yourself, you can make it your own with your own style or changes.


I have been looking at the MP3DP and I am liking it more and more. I also prefer to build something myself rather than just buying something pre made anyway. Do you know about what the build volume will be? I did not see that mentioned anywhere.

I think it is very similar to the Prusa which is 250 x 210 x 200. Don’t quote me on that, but that is what my build area is.

There bed is 200,200 and I’m not sure how tall. I think about 180 or 200. I’ve never printed that high though.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know, that is plenty of space for what I would print.

Well I just looked and the printed parts from the shop should be here Thursday, I am curious what color I am going to end up with. Also I am doing the 3/4 conduit for now and am contemplating throwing the conduit into my lathe to sand and polish the conduit before use, has anyone tried that, so you think it would make any difference or just be a waste of time?

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I haven’t seen that done. You can try it, you’d be out $10 in EMT if it fails. I would not expect it to keep the finish for long, but if it lasts long enough for a photo, you can at least show off a nice looking machine when your friends ask about it.


And if that is galvanized tubing wear a respirator. That galv coating is nasty stuff. Does great for rust protection as its designed, but is a nasty substance when removed and can kill you if welded on.


Yeah my lathe doesn’t get turned on without my respirator and face shield being on. I am mainly wondering if doing a sand and polish would make the pipe a little smoother for the rollers, probably not very necessary but easy enough to test. I will let you guys know how it turns out and post some pictures. I have already started thinking about a way to make a second modified mpcnc to replace the cnc part of my CO2 laser. It would be a pain to keep it all clean if I used the same machine.

Where abouts in central IL are you located? I am in Metamora. Welcome!


I live out in the country by a town called El Dara, I am pretty close to Quincy il for a reference.

As 3D printers go, most people when buying a “DIY Kit” either go for the Prusa or the CR-10.

I personally went for the CR-10 simply because it was getting great reviews online and was easier to get here in SA at the time at a reasonable priced. I must be honest I am really glad I did due to the build volume.

If you are wanting to build a 3D printer You could go for the MP3DP or if you want to build for a larger volume you could look at the Hypercube Evolution (Thingiverse Link). I am thinking about building one of these at approximately 500x500x500 and with the design it will be easy to do the enclosure

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I have the cr-10 mini. So far I really like it, has a really big printing area. 300x220x300 printing area.


If you take a sheet of printer paper and set it on your desk, that is the printing area of the cr10 mini. now stand the paper up in the air lengthwise. that is how high you can print with it too!

Well it’s a thing of beauty, I finally had a little time today to start putting some parts together. I am even more impressed with Ryan’s design after putting my hands on it.

Nice, so far so good. Bolt heads are facing the same way and the tension bolts are loose. You are going to have an easy go of it.

Well I finally had some time to build the table and start putting some of the mpcnc together, I got a cr-10 used for a really good deal so I can repair anything I break now lol. I realized that the legs are a little taller than I need and want so I will be cutting them down. I am going to test the motors and then work on belts and wire managment.

Almost there!