New Build - Dayton, Ohio

Ordered my kit several months ago and had a friend with a 3D printer print the parts, but I was waiting on some stainless steel rails from a contact. Alas, I got tired of waiting last month and bought what I needed online and started assembly a few weeks ago.

I’m doing a 24x24x3 setup, and today my buddy came over and helped me figure out the wiring. Don’t have the belts hooked up yet, but we were able to power on the Rambo 1.4 controller and get the steppers to spin. And they did it in the right direction!

Frankly I’m just giddy as hell, and I know my co-workers will be happy to try it out once they figure out the software. Our company bought a Prusa i3 mk3 printer for us because we do a lot of prototyping and need to design one-off pieces for our projects, and it’s entirely possible they might pay for some CNC work on my new toy.

Pictures to follow soon.