New build burly or low rider

A buddy printed most/all the parts for the burly, and bought all the components and then decided he didnt want to build it. I got the lot of it all from him. I am wondering if i should go for the burly or if i should pivot and use the parts from him that i can a build a low rider?

I have the rambo dual 1.4 board and a 500w generic spindle with esc from amazon.

Do i go ahead with the burly or start printing the parts and go for the low rider? Or build the burly and start printing the parts for the low rider to build that after the printing is done?

What do you plan on using it for? How much free space do you have to set it up?

The ideal working area for the Burly/Primo tops out at about 24"x24", although the frame is open, so with clever CAM and indexing, you can do longer pieces. The LR3 can easily handle full sheet cutting. Obviously, the LR3 can take more space to set up, but can also be used as an assembly table when not in active use. MPCNC builds are dedicated use. There are plenty of folks who have built half-sheet LR rigs (often based on their ability to transport sheet goods) to great success. While there are those who have coaxed their LR into cutting alu, it’s apparently easier to do so with a Burly/Primo setup.

Now, since you already have the Burly parts, I’d say build that. Get a hang for the software flow, for some of the inherent issues of hobby CNC, for checking your grub screws. Then, if you find you want the capabilities of the LR, you have a Burly to cut the flat pieces with. :smiley: