New build and Jtech 2.8W laser

Got my MPCNC built this weekend, still needs proper cable management, but some tape and zipties holds all the wires away from moving parts. I had this old table I could temporary mount it to, until I have a proper stand, not 100% square yet, but good enough.

Hooked up this 2.8W laser from Jtech, and downloaded the programs required to etch graphics, and went to work.

[attachment file=“IMG_20170807_030803.jpg”]
Yeah, could look better.

[attachment file=“IMG_20170806_180445.jpg”]
Image2gcode MPCNC etching Game of thrones (difficult to find good settings)

Being a CNC-operator for nearly 15 years, I figured I could use my goto CAM package, Gibbscam and see if I could make some toolpath’s there, so I found a simple mill post processor and start adapting it to MPCNC.

A few hours of coding later I have a near perfect postprocessor for laser etching on the MPCNC.

I used the spindle speed to set the laser strength, so in any operation in Gibbscam, you can fill or rough mill an area with spindle speed 200 and post processor outputs ‘M106 S200’

As a separate operation, I can contour the same area with spindle speed 255 and post processor sets laser to full 255

Most CAM packages have very advanced toolpath generation, so there is heaps of options to play with, stepover values, zig-zag and offset fill pattern.

Some pictures of the progress

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Ibanez logo, zig-zag ‘milling’ with 0° angle

[attachment file=“IMG_20170806_185003.jpg”]

Post processor needed more work, didnt turn off laser on rapid moves

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3…2D Benchy…since everyone makes one

[attachment file=“IMG_20170807_030416.jpg”]
Logo with ‘milled’ offset pattern and 10 contouring passes

[attachment file=“IMG_20170807_030534.jpg”]
Same logo, washed away some burnt wood

[attachment file=“IMG_20170807_030730.jpg”]
Coffe cup, zig-zag lines at 90° angle, with bigger stepover


Machine moves great and everything seems smooth, just wish I built it bigger.