New Build Advice/Questions

I have been planning my build for a while. I bought the kit in Dec 2016 with the )All Thread rod and not the T8 lead screws/rod) and have printed all the parts done using the Stainless Steel tubing with the 1" O.D. and .049" wall thickness. The build size is 48"x48" and had some questions:

Thinking of upgrading to the T8 Leadscrew and printing the new part from Thingiverse. Better for the size of the build?

And mid span supports? because the 48"x48" size but using the more rigid SS tube would I need them? And if so what would the best support part to use? And where to get them?

Finally the table - I see the one listed on the website - and other suggestions?

Thank you for any input.


Don’t worry about changing anything. There is all kinds of stuff to learn. With such a large machine just start using it. You will have to have your CAM dialed in pretty well.

You really might just want to make it smaller while your learn and make it bigger later. No sense in practicing with multiple hour test cuts on something that large.

The T8 only increases speed of the Z axis, for most cuts it only moves once and a while, no big deal. Supports, Only if you need them, you won;t know if you need them until you use it, we won;t know if you need them until we know what your cuts look and sound like and in what material you are using.

Any Sturdy table.