New board

Hello Ryan. I bought the skr yesterday and I added a $ 20 tip. You have been a lot of help to me and I appreciate that.
A small board came with my laser and no instructions. Do u possibly know what the small board is for ? It is a Laser Tree 4LDS ver. 2 head. Thanks Bob

The board just makes it easier to hookup your laser. Maybe I explained in too much detail in my post here and confused you, but there is a whole section in my post that includes 1) a reference to a manual for installing your laser including using that board, and 2) a drawing on how to wire the connections to that board. The connections will be the same for your SKR board except you will be using pin PC9 on the SKR Pro.

Thank you

Nice, I have already flashed that board and got that ready for shipping. Is there anything you are particularly worried about that I could do on my end before shipping?

Thank you so very much, it is not needed but much appreciated!!!

Thanks Ryan. I assume hook up the skr as per your instructions and then hook up the laser last

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