New board options

I think there is a preset for the low rider.

I just got the skr 1.4 with drv8825 with literally know software experience. Jeff gave a great starting point but had to figure a few things out. It is fairly easy if you have any programming experience… And since i had none… It didn’t really take me too long.
I could share the files for anyone to clean up. And test further.

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I think the SKR boards seem to offer good value. I of course have the earlier board, the V1.3. Clearly if there is a decision to be made, I made the wrong one :slight_smile:

One thing I would say to the people who are concerned about programming and the firmware, is don’t be. It took me an hour or two to get my Mac setup with, the Marlin plugin, the V1 firmware and uploading files. Now I’m not making many changes but it’s pretty simple and perhaps I should do a little video to show people how easy it is as payback.

Unsure how to help Ryan here, I’m based in the UK so shipping just about anything is expensive, time consuming and atracts the attention of Her Magesties Renenue and Customs. Think about the Dark Side in Star Wars but far, far, far worse. HMRC have all sorts of powers that come from busting 17th century smugglers and those laws didn’t get repealed, just updated. I’m reasonably certain they are no longer allowed to hang me from a nearby tree for not paying the duty on an import from the USA, but not 100% sure.

The SD cards are nice, but the permutations that you would have to support include:

  1. Motherboards,
  2. Stepper drivers, UART, non UART, 2208, 2209, whatever other combination you like
  3. Displays, such as the 3.5" touch screen, the reprap, the character one,

It would be nightmare to do them all unless you have a nice website that allows users to preconfigure the options they want, this is then compiled and downloaded to their local machine for a small price. DaaS (Download as a Service, you heard it here first).

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I didn’t have trouble either, but we have had some issues that have lasted a while. Having precompiled binaries, for at least one standard version, would help a ton. Not having to install arduino or platformio would help a lot of people.

I don’t think it is feasible to manually build all the combinations of drivers, boards, screens. So instead, just make one main configuration, and document how to build it on your own for anything else. That’s basically what Ryan has done for the last 3 years or so. There would need to be builds for MPCNC, LR, Zenxy, MP3DP, and serial or dual endstop versions…

It would be possible to automatically generate builds for some choices of configurstion. Anttix has it figured out, we just need to figure out how to put it to use.

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I like the SKR Pro 1.1 with 2209s, but that’s likely just because I have one. The six drivers is overkill for most of us, but then you could do the triple endstop version of the Low Rider… :slight_smile:

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I am taking a look at the drivers I have here. 2209 v1.2. Are the pots optional? If we are setting the drivers in the firmware, do they play any role?

I am not completely sure of the price difference of the pro vs 1.4. 6 drivers would mean dual endstops and the option of an extruder. That would solve a few irritated emails and a few returns for me. It is a bit overkill. I feel like the 1.4 is probably more widely used as well so Marlin will probably support it more or sooner. But the math processor on the pro is apparently better, if that even matters with marlin?

No. They get ignored.

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That is great to hear!

Unless they are installed in stand alone mode.

Trying to finalize the skr options. The pro is not much more, might as well take the ohe with the most room for options. 2209’s.

Screen options TFT35, same processors, same size touch screens??
V3 knob on the right
E3 V3, knob on the bottom, fanciest version
V2 no knob, least expensive, no USB

So I suppose take away the non-USB so v3 or e3 v3? very similar price.

USB is for using a thumb drive instead of an sd card?

Does the knob do anything when not in the legacy mode?

The screens can either work like the current one (and they don’t look very cool) and they plug into the same two ports, 20 pins or whatever.

Or they can do full graphics, and Marlin doesn’t know if they are a screen, or octoprint, or cncjs, or repetier host. They just send and receive gcode.

The second mode seems better. No real specific firmware (except you need to make sure to enable that serial port). You can also customize the menus and graphics to make it awesome. I’m not sure if the knob works in the second mode. I like using the touch screen, but I can understand using a knob, especially if you have gloves or it is particularly dirty.

Looks like it, they have both options. I think I saw someone test it on a video. The USB on the board does not have that capability yet though.

I will have to check but I think you can still use it. I am trying to figure out how to update the firmware on mine.

This is most interesting to me.

the only one I do not have here is the V3 so We will probably get the e3v3 just because I can start testing asap. let me check the prices they gave me

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e3 v3 has more rgb at the knob

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I am not sure about the final price to my door but I am shooting for selling for the same price as ALi but charge for assembly and flashing of the SKR if people want that separately.

They could do dropshipping but they say shipping is really bad right now and delivery times are horrible they do not really want to right now.

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Well the knob does not do anything in touchscreen mode. Hmmmmmm the no knob version is much cheaper, and smaller…but that usb port could be very nice.

…did you know you can type in gcode on it?!? Kinda digging this thing. I should have tried this out months ago.

Ryan the 1.4 board has some quirks re drivers, Chris’ Basement has just released a video on the 1.4 and even though its directed at 3D printing it might helpful for the questions you’ve put up here. Personally I’m staying with the 1.3 board for now because I have a draw full of 2208 drivers.

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I’ll have to check that out. Messing with the pro right now but they are probably very similar issues.

I went through both his videos and nothing stood out to me with the drivers or board having issues. Did I miss something big?

Yes, but i wish i would have known that before i ordered the TFT24. The screen size is fine for most functions, but the gcode keyboard buttons can be a bit challenging for my fat finger.

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Ryan, around 7 minutes into video one he discusses the issue of disabling sensorless homing, this is achieved easily on the 1.3 board by using the diag jumpers. On the 1.4 where the diag jumpers have been deleted, using 2209 drivers you have to cut a pin from the driver board to disable sensorless homing.

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