New board on the horizon

Hey guys,
Some exciting news.
VMS tech is in the process of designing a board for the cnc world. He has heard many peoples requests and will make his boards to hopefully appeal all markets including laser, 3D printing, cnc.

Check it out! I will keep you posted when I can.

Please list below any request you want in a board and i can pass it on to him :slight_smile:

Iโ€™m in need of a mainly for the MPCNC Iโ€™ve been building for the last 6 years or so (donโ€™t judge, life happens). Iโ€™d be happy to try something new!


That is a tough one.

5-6 drivers with endstop pins. As compact as possible. At least 2 pwm pins open, and at least 2 extra io (more the marrier on both those). marlin and grbl compatible is nice,

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