Nema17 HM19-2004S1 stepper wiring

Hi I’m in the process of assembling my LR3 and the extension wiring loom for the steppers is different ie from left to right
Black A+
Green A-
Red B+
Blue B- these are from the stepper black connector
Red from the extension loom white connector I will have to solder the loom to the motor my question is Is the black connector right or the white

You can check which wire pairs belong together if you measure the resistance. Measure two of the wires, if your multimeter shows resistance, those belong together.

Thanks my concern is how does this relate back to the board
If i new what the pins on the board were it would be easy
The board is BTT SKR PRO as sugested in V1 build notes

The board just needs then to be one pair and the other pair. One pair is pins 1 and 2, the other is pins 3 and 4. Most motors will have the pins oriented that way so they can be plugged straight into most boards.

The motors that have 6 pin connectors on them are usually set up as:


they usually have the wires with them that go to a regular 1234 connector.

If your motor runs backwards, just flip the plug around so instead of 1234 it goes 4321 and the direction will reverse.

Stepper motors are quite flexible, reversing any pair it will still work, just the opposite direction.

1234 forwards
1243 backwards
2143 forwards
4321 backwards
4312 forwards
3412 backwards

… and so on. So long as each pair is kept together, the stepper motor works.

Thanks i can work with that