Nema 17 - 76 OZ in kg


I’m trying to locate the corresponding torque for the 76 oz in the metric system. kg/cm which is what I see used to describe the torque in the various online sellers, but according to my conversion, 76 oz/inch == 5.4 kg/cm, and I can’t find it anywhere.

The reason I’m asking that all the listings for 76 oz motors are from the US, so the shipping to my country is rather expensive.

If anyone can point me to a good quality listing on ebay/aliexpress/other, with “free” worldwide shipping, that would be awesome.


Put this in google

oz/in to kg/cm

It pops up an easy tool, That is how I convert everything.

Isn’t it oz*in not oz/in?

Thanks for the prompt answer!

I’ve already converted the units, my problem is that I can’t find any 5.4 kg/cm (which is what I got from the converter) nema 17 motors… Only 4.5 kg/cm…

If any one can point me to the same nema 17 motor but in metric units, that would be awesome.


Got these installed not long ago

84oz/in or 59N/cm or 5.9kg/cm.

Had some 45N/cm installed before but they were weak for a cnc.

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That was exactly the answer I needed. Apparently in metric the common units are N/cm and not kg/cm…

I was able to find a seller that ships to my country a lot cheaper than the US ones