nema 17 104oz stepper

Hi, I’m searching parts for build this great machine. I’ve read most people go for 84oz/in steppers and ramps 1.4 with ads or drv drivers. I already purchased a ramps with drv8825 drivers but I’m in doubt about steppers.

I’ve found this cheap steppers on Aliexpress:

I don’t understand why they are so low Amp rated : 0.6A ¿?¿ and 104oz/in. Maybe a typo from seller?

Does anyone have experience with 104oz/in ? It’s worth go for them? or go for 84oz/in ones?


Sorry but I’m newbie with this …



Looks like it would just add weight in exchange for unneeded extra torque.

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So do you think it’s better go for 84oz ones? My plan is make a machine about 400x600mm work table an put something like a dewalt 600 or a three phase chinese spindle about same power.

my plan is mill aluminum but I don’t need to do it very fast maybe 1mm passes



Pretty sure those of us that have tried aluminum have used the stock suggested steppers. It’s not a torque issue.

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My cut area is 350mm x 750mm and the steppers in the kit are fine. Added weight could create flex

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