Need a nice case for the LCD and RAMBO

I can find cases that combine the RAMPS and LCD but none for the RAMBO 1.4 and LCD - can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

I keep mine separate. I like to be able to move the LCD for various reasons.

Do you like this? I combined an LCD case (thingiverse) and made my own RAMBO case. You’ll need a good size printer for the case. The design is public in onshape. Just search rambo case

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I’m currently printing the following:

The big part should be done tomorrow morning. If it looks ok and the RAMPS+Mega boards fit in it, then I’ll print the front/sides/etc for it.

Rambo lcd display case

Ramps Case

Ramps_box.stl is the one without the laser controller.


Does the ramps and RAMBO board fit the same form? A lot have posted about ramps and not RAMBO 1.4


Still looking for enclosure options for full size Rambo and LCD (or just the Rambo board).

I’m running into the same problem. Perhaps I’m not looking in the right place, but there are tons of ramps and mini Rambo cases on Thingiverse and in this forum, but very few full size Rambo cases with LCD.

Hi Everyone,

Check this out, I may try it myself.

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Nice, I like it!

I was in the same boat trying to find a case but I wasn’t finding the perfect one. I decided instead to make one out of a couple different things I found on Thingiverse. I am still working on the Rambo case but the prototype for the smart LCD is done. In my design the monitor is mounted on a swivel above the corner of the machine. It keeps it very stable and in a good spot for use while not being in the path of the machine. Additionally if I need to access the machine from the front or side I can turn the monitor accordingly. I can probably post this to thingiverse once it’s all done if anyone is interested.


Is this loaded up to thing?
I would like to use this for my low rider.

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