Also, up is up in this video! It’s printing sideways!


3/4 ton in 43 hours! Barry, let me know if you need help building this.

We had a huge funnel made for one of our projects and it was finished by an auto body shop climbing in and finishing it with bondo. IIRC, each section was about 24" chunks. This would have made that a lot easier.

The combination of FDM and milling is neat too, at any scale.

Wow. I saw an arm, or two doing this a few years back I think one printed while the other milled. I keep forgetting we are using small machines and there must be a ton of companies out there doing really big stuff. The future just keeps getting cooler and cooler.

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I knew what was going to happen, but still. Seeing that last piece go into place was magic.

Dust mask please!!!

You know, Ryan, if you made a Low Rider a bit wide there would be room for more than one Z axis, we could use E0 and E0 as the extra tools…

Pffft, you just made yours too narrow. I have another 4 head machine already. Marlin supports head parking.


Joking, no way, not for me. I am a simple mess maker. Tool changes are okay in my book.