My wife named it "Freak"

My 3D printer makes “creepy noises” so it was named “Creep.” The MPCNC does even weirder things AND makes creepy noises so it has been named “Freak.” Having big fun with Freak. Learning something new every day, and upgrading as I have the time and money. Next up is trading in the dinky Dremel for the DeWalt 660 and learning how to do CAM for the MPCNC using Fusion 360. My daughter has big cosplay plans for Freak.

My first one was called “the old man” because of his creaky bones…ahahah.

Fusion is much more involved than estlcam, if you don’t have much CAM experience you might want to learn the basics in estlcam and then start to spend time with Fusion. Fusion takes me at least twice as long to set up my tool paths, and really there is not a huge difference for us, but in the end probably best to learn it.

Jealous of the prusa you have there…I think it’s time I order one.

I’m doing exactly as you suggest…getting my feet wet with Estlcam. I like it a lot because it has this feel of knowing/understanding the needs of MPCNC users. I’ve been doing my modeling with Fusion 360 and I just love it. Figured learning the program’s CAM is where I needed to go next, and since I have my own CNC now I can dig in.

You have done a great job designing the MPCNC. It’s the little things, like the bumps around holes where bearings mount and the 3D printer friendly aspects of each piece’s design that really make the grade.

FYI, I am very happy with my MK2. It really does an amazing job for and FDM printer. The auto xyz calibration and the PEI bed are very nice. PETG and PLA stick bigtime. I’ve done a little ABS, but I’m holding off on diving into that until I get my enclosure done.

Thanks for the compliments. I think my designs show my pure hate for 3D printed support, haha.

Take your time have fun, don’t get over whelmed. There are many ways to get to the same end result.

Just be careful of printing ABS…then she will name it “Reek” :smiley:

vicious1 you can get an Anet A8 (a chinese clone of the Prusa) for under $200

Huge following, and a huge repository of upgrades/mods you can print as well (and a large following on FB)

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Interesting. What firmware does you use? I can’t live without the PEI sheet on the bed though, so that would be a required add-on.