My video build of the mpcnc

Hey Everyone!

here is my new video on how i built and slightly modified the MPCNC.

I couldn’t have been happier with the finished product. the design and affordability of the machine is really awesome!

I would love to hear your feedback on the video!




Holy freaking Cow, dude! That is an amazing video.

So I have some warnings about the conduit size thing on several pages but I will put it anywhere else you think it should be, where do you think it would make the most impact? I left a comment on your vid about Stainless as well.

I would love to link that video on the site somewhere do you mind? I would love to make it the main vid on the specs page but the firmware thing is a bit of a tangent that I would rather newcomers not take at this point in time.

thanks for the love!

lol, as i always so I never fully read instructions. after i screwed up the size print i went back and totally saw your warning. maybe just make it the first line in bold for dumb Americans like myself lol.

yeah the firmware thing may really screw up new people getting into the project but of course! I would be honored if you used the video somewhere!

again thanks for all your work with all the amazing projects you have! i might try the zen table out next!!!

take care!



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Very nice.


My plan was to use easel too. Did you have to modify the grbl firmware?

I had to reflash the ramps board for a grbl compatible firmware.

I included a text file that has step by step instructions in the description under the video. lemme know if you have any other questions!



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Great video, though I screamed NO as soon as you pointed at the 1" conduit. :slight_smile:

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Thanks man! I appreciate the nice words.

Ha! That’s one of the most common things people have said to me when they watched the video! (Including allted)

figure I leave the mistake in so others won’t repeat it :slight_smile:

I threw a comment in there about the XY part size. Some of the smaller 3D printers can’t print that part.

Absolutely great video !

Only small nitpicking is the references to the vicious1 website, tht’s just been replaced by v1engineering… But well…

i just found that out yesterday!

some of that footage is almost a year old. I shot the more recent footage last month and had no idea that the url got changed. oops!

Yeah, I think the change was only made officially around for the new year…

Well all the sites still work, no big deal.

I did find something though…the lower z mount should be pulled up to support the coupler, it also helps with any minor backlash the stepper can induce.

Still love the video.

What is next on your video schedule?

thanks for the input!!

glad the old site still works (though i did put a link to the new one in the description)

the next video is building a table for the mpcnc out of some scraps I have laying around my shop and then making some drink coasters with…a twist using the mpcnc for the video after that.

I can’t wait!

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Great video, subscribed…definitely have shop envy.

thanks man! if you’re in the boston area its always welcome to visitors!