My ugliest print ever, comment away!

Ryan posted this test print designed to test frame alignment and I thought I would try it out. Some caveats, I used the PETG and 0.6mm nozzle that were loaded and tried a triangle infill at 15% and 2 perimeters. This was printed on my custom delta machine so I imagine the issues will not translate to other machines. In any case the biggest problem is print through from the infill, though there is ghosting evident as well.

The dimensions are as follows:
X = 140.42
Z(X) = 140.05
X diag = 149.79, 150.18
Y = 140.05
Z(Y) = 140.14
Y diag = 149.48, 150.32


8 - 8.0, 5 - 5.0, 3 - 3.0, 3 tight - 2.8

On the upside, PETG performed very well on the overhang test, results are very good with no fan.

So comment away, make any suggestions (but be nice). Thanks.

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Your dims are amazing!!! You machine is printing very accurately on all axis, congrats. The holes are undersized, but exactly as undersized as I designed them!

I am not sure what the vertical artifacts are though, perhaps to much infill overlap? Just a guess. Another guess since it is a delta maybe you have a rough patch on one of your vertical bearing surfaces?