My Primo build in NoVA

Here is my Primo with mini-RAMBO. I printed the crown file with a Sharpie taped to the core and it worked so now I am modifying the Dewalt 660 tool holder to fit my Craftsman rotory cutter.

Now I will try some simple milling in scrap wood.



Where in Nova are you? I grew up in Oakton and now live near Fredericksburg. I just ordered the last parts to finish my Primo. So hope it works as well as yours!

I’m in north Stafford.

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It’s cutting!


Some more practice and testing.


Looking good
I’m so jealous

I needed to see this to help me get moving on finishing mine! So thank you

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So I have tidied up all the wires and covered them with wire looms. I still need to print the housing for the control screen, but I am having some issues with my 3D printer now, and work and health issues are getting in the way a bit.

Overall the machine is working well and I am getting more comfortable with EstlCAM and Inkspace but I still cannot get things to always work as I envision them.

I also do not have the correct tool mount for the Craftsman roto cutter I am using so I modified the mount for the DeWalt 660 for the bottom using TinkerCAD and zip-tied the top. If anyone has a file for the proper mount for this tool I would appreciate it if you would share it. (I have been using AutoCAD for at least 20 years but it has always been 2D drafting and patent drawings so 3D is difficult for me.) Also, how far down should the collet of the router be from the bottom of the z-axis rods? I have not seen anything specifying that as most people seem to use the 660 and the mount on the MPCNC site so it’s already in the correct position.

While I have the machine running quite well I still need to cut the shelf below the table and print the housing for the screen. I was going to add cable chains but the wire looms seem to work just find and don’t snag on anything so I will likely leave it as is.

This is the Craftsman All-In-One Cutting Tool Model 183.172521 that I have had for years and works perfectly. I just need to get a proper tool mount for it. Any suggestions are appreciated.

My modified gnarly control box with my logo on it. I am running the miniRAMBO with touchscreen and pre-loaded Marlin firmware from V1 Engineering.

This was my first try carving an image with the 45° v-carve bit from V1 Engineering. It did a very good job and looks like it was the foam that caused the issues. I’m sure that carving in wood would be perfect. The file is on Thingiverse (2011389).

This was an STL file I found on MyMiniFactory (27980) and used only the 45° v-carve bit for the rough and final passes using EstlCAM.

The carvings so far in one of the 2’x2’x1" styrofoam panels I bought at the Homie Depot. Lots more room to play with designs.


I love that purple stuff!

Not really sure why it missed some of that stuff in the owl. Maybe on that section you didn’t set it to a wide enough clearing in the settings. When you see the screen make sure the red circles all overlap. You can go as wide as you need.

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I think the problem is since I don’t have a proper tool mount (using zip ties on too) there is movement in the tool. It will get better as I design and print the mount.

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Since I could not find a tool mount for my Craftsman rotary cutting tool I designed and printed one myself using TinkerCAD.

So far it works well but I will update it if changes are needed.