Hi All

Just finished the basic build on my CNC, have to admit its been a fun build although having a crappy 3D printer excruciating at times.

Altogether its taken me 2 weeks to get to this point and done my first plot with the unit.

Completed Unit

[attachment file=“DSC00070.JPG”]

Plotting Test

[attachment file=“DSC00071.JPG”]
[attachment file=“DSC00072.JPG”]
[attachment file=“DSC00073.JPG”]

Temp Home Made Motor Splitter

[attachment file=“DSC00074.JPG”]

Basic Electronics

[attachment file=“DSC00075.JPG”]

So far the build has went pretty well, I do have issues with alignment and my Z Axis is out by quite a bit so I will have to see what I can do with this.

Learning the CAM software will be fun but that’s for another day.

Still To Do

Create Housing for Electronics
Create a better wiring system
Fix alignment and Z Axis

All in all I am pleased with this build, for a CNC machine I have to say its been quite an easy system to build, some time, lots of plastic and a few steel bars, motors and electronics. For anyone that is interested in building one of these and is not sure, its beginner friendly and all the instructions on the this site and help from the forum members will easily get you through the process.

My reason for this build will to be to use it for building Scale Models, currently building a 1:100 Scale Build of the Bismarck (2.5m long gah, all 3D printed so far, if interested I will put some photos on here)




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Looking good!