My MPCNC & Solsylva CNC Mashup

I built a MPCNC a couple months ago and had a blast working on the project. Printing the parts and studying how it was designed was pretty awesome. And then last winter I built a Solsylva CNC out of wood and gas pipe and also enjoyed that build. The more I looked at both machines the more I wanted to take from each and make a unique CNC using both as inspiration.

I just got it assembled and functioning this afternoon and hope to get back to a few projects I have in mind using it. I certainly don’t want to take anything away from Ryan’s design by sharing this odd build here but perhaps it will give other folks some ideas on future machines.


Great work. That must feel good to make a machine of your own.

Great video too. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

Are those screws T8? They look pretty smooth.

Nicely done. As one who has seen the utility of re-purposing Ryan’s cool MPCNC parts for “odd” machines, I can really appreciate what you have done here. I think it would be a great move, as you suggested, to convert the other two axis to the MPCNC-style linear “trucks”. I built a couple of wooden BuildYourCNC leadscrew-driven machines way back when, for a friend and myself, to cut RC planes out of sheet foam with my first needle cutters… and hearing those motors “sing” while moving that big wooden gantry around really brings back a lot of good memories. Well done! – David

Thanks guys for your comments. And, yep, those are T8 Acme rods. They are not perfectly straight but good enough. David - the CNC motors do sing a bit when running code. It’s a very familiar sound to me as well.