My first cut with mpcnc

Skipped the crown because I had made a table before but this is my first cut with the MPCNC using inkscape and estlcam. I’m very satisfied with the end result and it is pretty straight forward as far as all the setup. THESE DO NOT HAVE TO BE TIGHT!!! haha I’m kidding. Very important advice on not closing those gaps on the clamps though! Thanks for having an awesome forum to kind of navigate as well, because most questions I had were previously asked and answered :blush:. Have a good one.


Congrats, that looks great!

Now you have to leave, the Crown is mandatory!

J/K I’ll let you stay! :rofl:


At least show us your unclipped zip-ties… That always makes Ryan happy! :japanese_ogre:

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I actually clipped them hahaha. I’ll send I pic when I get home. But of course I do have some things rigged up hahaha :wink:.


Nice work looks great and congrats on the first cuts !!!

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